Honig’s Attending Sept 18 Meeting at 6:00pm

From the desk of Larry Snaidero… HONIG’s will be at the meeting Monday Sept 18/18 at 6:00pm for those who need to purchase uniform items. (Meeting starts at 7:00pm). http://www.honigs-canada.com/ Thanks Larry



FIBA Travelling Rule

From the desk of Mike McPhee, OABO Interpreter… Hello All I was asked if I could send some sort of diagram to indicate the concepts of the changes to the travel rule.  It has taken some time as I had to wait for Nadine to return from afar, so that I could make sure I […]

FIBA Traveling and Unsporting Fouls Focus

From the desk of Steve Wilkie, Hamilton Board Education Officer… Hello All Just came across this article about FIBAs rule changes in regard to traveling calls and Unsporting Fouls.  It has some great videos… http://www.basketref.com/en/index.php/?option=com_content&view=article&id=+7 Steve

Hamilton Board Logo on Fox40 Classic