Ontario Cup Documents

The following email and documents are from the desk of Mike McPhee, OABO Provincial Interpreter… As promised on the conference call, here are the documents (below – OBA Age Specific Parameters Chart for officials and Officiating Reminders for Ontario Cups) regarding the young player rules and other issues for Ontario Cup games. In addition we […]


New FIBA Interpretations

From the desk of Mike McPhee, OABO Interpreter…(with edits in Italics) FIBA has released a document (revised Official Interpretations) that replaces the one released in  November 2015. The interpretations there-in are in force as of March 1st. They will be printed in our (OABO) handbook in the fall, and I have attached the file to this […]


Ball & Floor

2017 Halton Public Elementary Rules

Halton Elementary Basketball 2017 ● A size 6 basketball will be used for all games ● Warm-up: 8 minutes ● Two 12-minute stop time halves; last 2 minutes of 2nd half clock stops after every basket – no advancement of the ball in the last 2 minutes ● If a school has rentals: the first […]