2017 Halton Public Elementary Rules

Halton Elementary Basketball 2017 ● A size 6 basketball will be used for all games ● Warm-up: 8 minutes ● Two 12-minute stop time halves; last 2 minutes of 2nd half clock stops after every basket – no advancement of the ball in the last 2 minutes ● If a school has rentals: the first […]

Ball & Floor

OBA not enough players

From the desk of Don Thorne, OABO Secretary-Treasurer… I received this question this morning: Currently the OBA’s policy is that if there are less than 10 players for Young Person Development Rules games, the game is a forfeit. Generally the teams will play the game anyways with the team with less than 10 players accepting […]



Basketball Ontario Equal Play Rules

From the desk of Mike McPhee, OABO Provincial Interpreter… A question has arisen about time outs when the equal playing time rules are in effect.  My research indicated that it had never been pointedly addressed, and written down. The OBA manual says: GAME RULES The Equal Participation rule will be in effect for the entire […]

OBA Uniforms (Updated Feb 2017)

From the desk of Mike McPhee, OABO Provincial Interpreter… Hello all Attached (below) is the updated chart for equipment requirements at the OBA level. Remember that Ofsaa is using FIBA/CABO guidelines for their games, and for U-19 it is the same as Ofsaa. Mike McPhee – OABO Interpreter