Grab a Whistle

Nine Reasons to Become a Basketball Official
1.     Develop Lifelong Friendships
There is a relationship between referees that is hard to find elsewhere. Players are supported by coaches and fans. Referees only have each other. This reliance on one another and working together as a team creates a unique bond.
2.     Enjoy the Social Aspects
Officials tend to be a very social group. They enjoy getting together and interacting off the court.
3.     Earn Money
Refereeing is a great way to help pay your way through school or earn extra income. It’s better than working at McDonald’s! Assignors love students who have flexible hours.
4.     Stay Close to the Game You Love
Most referees played basketball at some point in their lives, or still do and are passionate about the game. Being a referee keeps you directly involved in the game. You are still part of the action and you get an adrenaline rush that you’ll never experience as a spectator. It’s not the same thrill as playing, but it’s the next best thing. You’re still on the court. You can’t say that as a coach!
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5.     Many Opportunities for Advancement
In Ontario we are looking to recruit and train more female officials. As a result, there are many opportunities for rapid advancement through the officiating pathway.
6.     Stay Active for Life
What better way to stay in shape and get a great view of the game?
7.     Learn How to Manage Other People
Strong emotions often cloud the judgment of players, fans, and coaches, but you will be required to maintain your emotional composure and keep order on the court. Maintaining your composure while managing the emotions of others is an incredibly useful skill that you can use in a variety of situations throughout your life.
8.     Enjoy the Challenge
Refereeing is a challenge. From passing the exam to advancing to higher levels to getting the best assignments to doing a good job under pressure in a big game, you get satisfaction from experiencing and overcoming these challenges.
9.     Feel a Sense of Accomplishment
If you work hard and commit to your goals, you will improve. Improvement gets acknowledged and in turn that motivates you to do whatever it takes to get even better! Officiating can provide you with a strong sense of accomplishment.