Life Members


Hamilton Board Life Members

The Lifetime Membership category was established in 2013 to recognize “exceptional long-term service that has contributed to the foundation, growth and continued development of the Hamilton Board”.

  • 2013 Inductees
    • Bert Carrigan (posthumously) (unfortunately, we do not currently have a photo of Bert – if you have a picture that we could add, please contact us)
    • Ron Foxcroft (additional photo from 1981 – yes, that’s Foxy in the grey referees uniform)
    • Jim Lyle (photo – middle with Tom Lopes & Dennis Herbert)
    • Kitch MacPherson (posthumously)
    • Bob Wilmot (posthumously)
  • 2014 Inductees (Photo from induction ceremony – President Paul Johnson with Lifetime Members Jim Lyle, Len Parisi, Bob Ross & Ron Foxcroft)
    • Peter Moore (posthumously)
    • Len Parisi (photo – middle with Guy Cipriani & Paul Johnson)
    • Bob Ross (photo – middle with Jim Lyle & Paul Johnson)
  • 2015 Inductees (Photo from induction ceremony – from left Mario Suffoletta presenting award to Boots Hynd & Joyce Gibson receiving award from GuyCipriani)
    • Boots Hynd
    • Joyce Gibson
  • 2016 Inductees (Photo from induction ceremony – from left Guy Cipriani, NBA Hall of Fame referee Dick Bavetta presenting the awards & Mario Suffoletta)
    • Guy Cipriani
    • Mario Suffoletta
  • 2017 Inductees