CIASS U10 – U12 Basketball Rules


As received from the CIASS…

Boys U10 – U12 Basketball Guideline Cheat Sheet


This document is NOT meant as an exhaustive U10-U12 Basketball Guideline. The full guidelines can still be found on the CISAA website. This document is meant as a quick guide and summary to the changes that were adopted for CISAA basketball at the U10-U12 levels.

OBA Rules and Regulations – see Pages 30 – 43

1.Free Throw Line

  • No changes were made

2. Three Point Line

  • No changes were made

3. Defense

  • Current Rule: U10 – U12 Person to person, OBA Same (No change)

4. Duration

  • Current Rule: U10 – 8 – 5minute shifts (running time) – no change made.
  • New Rule: U11 and U12 will play 8 – 4 minute shifts with 4 minute extra shift(s) where necessary (stop time).

5. Team Fouls

  • U10 – No change
  • U11 and U12 Each 2 shifts will count as 1 quarter in terms of fouls

6. Equal Participation Rule

  • U10 Players are number from 1 – ??. Players are all to have equal playing time. The rotation of players must remain the same all game (including overtime) – remains the same.
  • New Rule: U11 and U12 –Use of a grid system (see pages 33-37 of the OBA guidelines). Basically, all players will have an equal number of shifts. If the numbers don’t divide evenly, then some players will have a maximum of 1 shift more. Scorers will keep track of players on each shift using the following grid (coaches are encouraged to do the same for their opponents).

7. Drop Back Rule

  • Current Rule: U10 – Drop back to half always – no change made.
  • Current Rule: U11 and U12 – Full court person-to-person defense is allowed in the second half only as long as the score is within 15 points. – no change made