CBOC June Newsletter


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June 5, 2017

We trust that the weather has turned nice where you are and that you’re enjoying some well-deserved time outdoors.
Tis the season for international basketball assignments. This month we have MP Malo (QC) travelling to Europe for the FIBA EuroBasket Championship, Christine Vuong (ON) travelling to Argentina for the U16 FIBA Americas tournament for girls and Reed Scott (BC) is also going to Argentina for the U16 FIBA Americas tournament for boys. In July, both Christine and Reed have been assigned to the U19 FIBA World Championships in Italy and Egypt, respectively. Mike Thomson (BC) will be an instructor and Mike Homsy (QC) will be serving in the role of commissioner at the same tournaments.
The 8th Francophonie Games will also be played during the month of July in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire. Jea-Philippe Herbert (QC) will be traveling to Africa for this event and Nadine Crowley (ON) will be serving in the role of FIBA Referee Instructor at this competition.
In August, Anna Del Col (ON), Ryley Kerrison (AB) and Nadine Crowley will be participating in the 29thUniversiade in Taipei City, Taiwan. Matt Kallio (AB) has been assigned to the men’s AmeriCup which will be played in August.
You may recall when the Canadian Basketball Officials Commission (CBOC) was announced on November 19, 2015, that one of the reasons the CBOC was initiated was a governance change by FIBA in 2014. We are proud that we have assembled representatives from all the national basketball stakeholders – U Sports, Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association, CABO and Canada Basketball – to be part of the discussion in forming the future of basketball in Canada. It has come to our attention that some officials have additional questions and concerns about the purpose and scope of the CBOC. As required by FIBA, Canada Basketball must establish a form of oversight of officiating for the Federation (see the FIBA federation Manualhttp://www.basketball.ca/files/Coaching/Officials/national_federation_manual.pdf). To that end, the CBOC has struck two Sub-committees to review and design the transition that will be necessary to meet alignment requirements. The work that these two Sub-committees are doing, has and will continue to be shared through this Newsletter, via survey as appropriate and in postings within the “Officials” component of the Canada Basketball website.
Thank you very much for your participation in the survey conducted by the CBOC last month. We had over 10% of the officials in Canada respond and for the first national survey, we are excited by the feedback – it gives us great ideas of what you feel is necessary to have a robust system. We are currently working to analyze the data and we will provide you with a preliminary sample of the survey results shortly.
On the long May weekend, the Canada Basketball’s coach education Super Clinic weekend was held in Toronto. The CBOC sub-committees (Development & Education and Evaluation & Selection) took this gathering to continue work on their respective projects. Each sub-committee worked on their respective projects and presented them to the larger group for discussion and feedback to assist in moving the projects forward. The conversations were dynamic and stimulating.
There were a few opportunities to integrate the Super Clinic participants and the sub-committee participants in both formal and informal ways. It was a great start.
There was great momentum coming out of the sub-committee meetings that weekend. So much so, there were people who made charitable donations to the cause as seed money to kick off the next phase. We have already started to work on the infrastructure and are planning to have the first phase out to you by the end of the summer.
The sub-committee members determined the next steps and loose timelines for this national strategy. They include:
1. Development Pathway

  • Sub-committees to complete their work by end of 2017
  • Both sub-committees to establish a glossary of terms as they complete work
  • Selection process and policy to be completed this summer 

2. Database 

  • CBOC/Canada Basketball/CABO to begin building process/resources
  • Create an infrastructure that allows for CBOC programing and administration
  • Create a job description (contract project manager) within the next two months

3. Communication 

  • CBOC to begin communication planning (i.e. the “story” we want to tell) to assist with recruitment and retention
  • Communication planning to consider how best to deliver results of sub-committee work

You may have heard that St. Catharines, ON will play host to the U18 FIBA Americas Championships for boys in June 2018. We are in the initial planning stages to include an official’s development module in conjunction with the event.
Through cooperation between CABO and Canada Basketball, an “Officials” information component has been integrated into the Canada Basketball website www.basketball.ca. It can be found on the home page, in the menu row near the top of the page. Within this component you’ll find various pages that include an enormous amount of information from FIBA, the CBOC and CABO. As a result of numerous questions received over the past 18 months, a list of FAQs has been posted to the very bottom of the “ABOUT THE CBOC” page. 
We are looking forward to giving you more information and updates soon.
Thank you.

Morgan Munroe
CBOC Chair