The Animated Officials Manual


Announcing the launch of The Animated Officials Manual


AoM Free Registration Pic

The Animated Officials Manual has been prepared specifically for the Hamilton Board of Approved Basketball Officials and as such registration for all Hamilton Board members is FREE.

This new website contains videos animations of the 2-Person CABO (FIBA) Mechanics for use in Canada. Canadian (CABO) mechanics include modifications approved by FIBA – including no “work left” or “preferred diagonal” mechanics – so while you can download the FIBA International Mechanics Manuals from the FIBA Website, be advised that those manuals do NOT include the CABO modifications for use in Canada so may not be appropriate in all situations. Also keep in mind that the videos have been updated for officiating techniques published by FIBA up to 2015, while the online FIBA manuals have not been updated since 2012.

For officials outside of the Hamilton Board, registration for The Animated Officials Manual is free for the time being, however may be subject to change. The goal of The Animated Officials Manual is simple – to help you become a better official.  We hope you find this new format informative and enlightening.